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Help my wife, Amanda, buy her new wheelchair motor and gain some freedom! (See more of her story below). You can enter to win one of 15 pedals from some of the best pedal builders on earth!  Plus be the first person to own one very special new secret prototype pedal made by me!


Here’s a list of the pedals you could win:


  • Reeves Electro Darlington Flyer

  • R2R Electric Hofner Ge Preamp

  • Mythos Chupacabra in Purple Sparkle!

  • The Zero Fret Ophidian Fuzz

  • Tungsten Amps Transistor Boost No. 2

  • Paperboy Pedals Stank Face

  • Tallon Electric Dual Drive

  • Loe Sounds Loe*Hi Octave Fuzz

  • Collector Effectors Custom Vox Tonebender

  • Mask Audio Electronics Line Blur

  • VXI Driftwood Overdrive/Fuzz

  • Pedal Brainz 3rd Eye Light Controlled Expression Pedal

  • Circuitous FX Frittelle Fuzz

  • Lauren Audio Aerocomet


Your opportunity to enter the sweepstakes* will run until November 30th. Winners will be notified via email. Thanks everyone for your help!

I’m a wheelchair user with a job. I tried to get a manual assist device for my chair, to help me take care of my errands and responsibilities more efficiently while preventing wear and tear on my body. The insurance I only have BECAUSE I have a job, only pays for things that are labeled for “in home use”. HOWEVER, I could be the exact same person with the exact same needs without a job, and Medicaid would pay for the manual assist, because they pay for things that will help me “access my community”. So apparently, for insurance to pay for things, you have to decide if you are an indoor cripple or an outdoor cripple. But you certainly canNOT be a contributing member of society who has a home to keep AND groceries to buy and banking to be done and errands to run, etc. NOPE. Rules like this are a symptom of archaic attitudes thrown back from a time when people with disabilities were kept at home, if not institutionalized. I need this device to prolong what mobility/functionality I have for as long as possible. I want to be productive, and an asset to my community. I want to be more efficient and competitive in the workplace. I need help, because life is short, and I still have a lot to do.

                                                  Thank you!



*Sweepstakes Instructions

For legal reasons, what was intended to be an auction has become a sweepstakes. As such, no purchase necessary to enter. 

You can, however, donate to the cause if you wish. 

Only one entry per person, please.

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Thank You!

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