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MKI “Custom Hurst Spec” w/ Grip Switch

MKI “Custom Hurst Spec” w/ Grip Switch

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Three very special MKIs with a unique tuning! Each unit features a “Hurst Spec” Grip Switch, allowing for two distinct MKI Bender voices. With the switch to the right it’s most similar to a “Sola” tuned MKI, with a smooth sizzling decay and wide range of tones on the attack knob. Flip the toggle to the left and the lows are bigger, with more sustain and compression, with a blooming attack and a grippy texture to the attack of the notes. All three “Hurst Spec” MKIs are built point to point on custom eyelet board using the following components:

NOS CV7007/OC77, OC71/72 BlackGlass, TI 2G301/303 Germanium transistors.

NOS Plessey and Roederstein capacitors.

Koa Speer Carbon Film resistors. 

Gold Lineage Series MKI 125b Enclosure w/ vintage style pointer knobs.

True bypass w/ LED indicator, Power Jack (Center Negative ISOLATED) or internal 9v battery snap.

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