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MASTER is based on the classic RangeMaster boost, a punchy Germanium boost that adds harmonic distortion and cutting midrange. Despite the term “treble booster”, the RangeMaster tends to soften the treble in the attack and emphasize midrange that drives tubes into beautiful harmonic saturation.

MASTER gives you all those classic Germanium boost tones and more in a sleek and simple to use pedal. Controls for BOOST (volume) and RANGE (tone). BOOST is the typical control found on the RangeMaster, pushing 35+db of boost from a single Germanium transistor. The RANGE control is a blend between two capacitor values on the input of the circuit. At minimum you have the stock RangeMaster sound with punchy honking midrange. As you turn the control clockwise low end is introduced into the circuit, giving it a fuzzy quality at the maximum setting. Great for dialing in different guitars/amps or for fattening up or thinning out other pedals/fuzzes when stacked. While the classic RangeMaster typically works best into a driven amp, it can also work great into an overdrive pedal. With MASTER you can dial the RANGE control to a thicker setting with cleaner amps to use as a preamp style pedal with a warm booster Germanium flavor. Internal trim on MASTER is used to bias the transistor, not necessary to adjust it as it will ship with the optimal bias pre-set, but feel free to adjust it if you like to experiment!

RANGE is built using a custom PCB with NOS Germanium transistor and capacitors used throughout, specific components are subject to availability, though I am able to make a ripping Germanium booster with a variety of caps and transistors. Standard model ships using a single NOS G.E. 2N1303 Germanium transistor OR upgrade to a British transistor (typically Mullard, Brimar, NKT etc…). To select British transistors, add upgrade to your cart on the “British Transistor Upgrade” page.

Available in Gray Hammer enclosure.

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