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MK1.5 Bender

MK1.5 Bender

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The MK1.5 Bender has been a hidden gem in the Bender lineup for as long as it’s been known to exist. For a very short time these were being made in the 60s in MKII enclosures with no obvious distinction outside, but inside there was a simpler 2 transistor fuzz with perfect balance between smooth FuzzFace and Punchy Tonebender. Sure to satisfy any fuzz lover!

Punchy midrange and a gnarly texture is what separates this from your average FuzzFace. A leakier transistor selection gives you the nastier Bender type textures and a smaller value volume pot like the MKII Professional Benders tighten up the low end and focus the midrange. Cleans up great with your guitar volume as well, which is something your typical Bender does not do! If you’re after a bender attack and texture but prefer the dynamic response and feel of a FuzzFace this is the one for you!

Meticulously built on wide pitch Vero using the original circuit layout of the 1960s, complete hand painted and assembled. Full NOS capacitors and Germanium transistors are used, specific components are subject to availability, though I am able to make a ripping MKII with a variety of caps and transistors.

Available in four classic Hammered Color options; Gold, Silver, Copper or Black. Two enclosure size options, 1590BB (pedalboard friendly) or 1590J (big vintage vibes). Power Jack and LED also available as an add on for no extra cost.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for build time on your custom made fuzz.

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