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MKI Wedge

MKI Wedge

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A 60’s style ripping fuzz built just like they used to...


The MKI Bender has been my favorite fuzz for a long time. After years of learning and refining the circuit I am proud to offer my own versions! 


Available in two tuning styles, “Sola” and “System”. Both styles use the same MKI Bender circuit, the “Sola” is a more standard MKI style fuzz, using the values most commonly found in vintage units to recreate the classic 60s fuzz with a squeaky, chirping attack and crunchy sustain with lots of artifacts and harmonic content. The “system” version takes this a step further by adjusting the bias so the attack knob can drop the voltage much lower than “Sola”, giving you even more control over the range of tones available. The attack control will sweep from wide open fuzz to gated and compressed with several sweet spots in between. “System” is also generally higher gain, has more artifact textures and is a bit leaner in low end thanks to a smaller output capacitor. A MKI lovers MKI!  


Both versions have the usual volume and attack controls, volume being your output and attack being your bias setting, adjusting the compression and sustain. The original point to point layout is followed closely in the build process. Full NOS capacitors and Germanium transistors are used, specific components are subject to availability, though I am able to make a ripping MKI with a variety of caps and transistors.


Color options are either classic Gold Hammered top/Black bottom two-tone or Mystery. Mystery color will be unique and different, a one off/one of a kind option, artists choice. If you have a specific desire for the enclosure or knobs be sure to email me first with your ideas, otherwise I will make you something unique and rad!


Please allow 4-6 weeks to build your pedal. 

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