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FACE NKT Germanium Fuzz

FACE NKT Germanium Fuzz

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FACE fuzz with a special set of 60’s NKT Germanium transistors…

Three NKT Ge FACE fuzzes in Blue Hammered finish! These Newmarket (NKT) Germanium transistors offer a special quality of texture and beautiful cleanup, with a fat singing sustain. Made in the Newmarket factory in the 60’s, these NKTs are closely spec’d to the venerable NKT275 in a MilSpec version.

Classic controls for FUZZ and VOLUME. Internal controls for INPUT gain and BIAS give you a couple extra tricks to dial it into your setup. INPUT trim will reduce the signal hitting the fuzz, tightening up the low strings and cleaning up the fuzz overall. All the way down is “stock”, all the way up is almost cleaned up to an overdrive. BIAS will sweep between blasted blown out nasty fuzz, to a smoother “properly biased” sound, to thick and gated and everywhere in between. Ships with the “optimal” bias pre set but you’re welcome to experiment! FACE is also louder than stock, able to push volume well above unity gain.

True bypass w/ LED indicator, Power Jack (Center Negative ISOLATED) or internal 9v battery snap.

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