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The Big-M

The Big-M

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The Big-M is my take on the classic *Big Muff fuzz. Three versions to choose from, Triangle, Green/Black Russian or Violet Ram’s Head. The Big-M is built on custom Seeker PCB using various NOS transistors (BC549C/BC550C/BC239C, BO108C etc…), NOS diodes, NOS capacitors and either carbon film or carbon comp resistors. An adjustable midrange knob can be added for a small up-charge. This allows for a scooped, flat or mid forward tone adjustment to help the fuzz sit in the right place in the mix, either laying back or standing out forward.

Triangle is a high gain beast, lots of sizzling harmonic content, a little more crunch and fuzz to the texture. Based off of a V1 Triangle from ‘71 with quirky values! Highest gain and loudest of the three. EQ remains relatively flat for a muff but has a gentle scoop with a wide sweep on the tone control from bassy to trebly.


The Russian is very big and bubbly, lots of low end, scooped and slightly lower gain with a great range on both the sustain and tone control. Classic 90’s Muff tones! Great with bass too.


The Violet Ram’s Head is based off of a ‘73 V2. It has a little big flatter response with great treble response and thick but tight low end. Bigger range on the sustain from low to high gain. Everything from Gilmour to Mascis tones!


All versions available in Black, Green or Silver finish, OR a mystery option (my choice) which will be unique and fun. Standard 9v operation with true bypass switching and LED indicator.


*Big Muff is a trademark of the ElectroHarmonix company.

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