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Truth Fuzz “Blue Neutron”

Truth Fuzz “Blue Neutron”

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Truth II series fuzzes are based on classic 60’s two transistor circuits, blending vintage tone with modern flexibility. Truth II takes off from Truth V1 and adds a Fuzz control along with an external bias control, giving you access to a myriad of fuzz tones! Starting at spitty over-biased tones, around 12 o’clock is the “normal” bias setting, then finally as you turn it reaches an under-biased setting that leans towards pinched horn sounds. The simplicity of these fuzz circuits makes for a very dynamic and expressive experience, allowing for lower gain tones and cleanup with guitar volume knob and right hand attack adjustments. A third control, a simple volume, allows for fine tune adjustment over the output.

Circuit 1 - O.K. Truth

OG Truth is based on the Colorsound One Knob Fuzz. Expanded with more control and a Hybrid Silicon/Germanium transistor setup. The bias knob gives the user control of the Germanium transistor’s voltage, changing the texture of the fuzz from gated to smooth to spitty and everywhere in between. Familiar fuzz tones from Bender to FuzzFace with a thick tone that’s emphasizes midrange and low end. OG Truth has the highest amount of gain in the Truth family and is the only one to offer gated fuzz tones.

Circuit 2/3 - Truth Face

Based on the classic FuzzFace, the bias control on Truth Face adjusts Q2’s transistor voltage, widening or tightening the grain of texture until finally a louder, spitting blown out voice takes over with excellent cleanup throughout the entire sweep. Adjusting the bias control around 12 o’clock is your stock FuzzFace setting. Truth Face is the fattest sounding with the most low end, and has the best guitar volume cleanup in the Truth family. Available in both Silicon and Germanium.


Circuit 4 - Truth Bender

As the name suggests, Truth Bender comes from the Tone Bender family, specifically the MK1.5 Tonebender. A brother to the FuzzFace but with a snarling tone all it’s own. More focused midrange and tighter low end with more volume than a FuzzFace, and a ripping texture like a Tonebender! The Bias control works similarly to the Truth Face starting with warmer over-biased tones, “stock” settings around 12 o’clock, and ending the sweep with pinched horn like sounds. All bias settings are very dynamic and cleanup nicely with your guitar volume.

Circuit 5 - Verità

Verità is based on the 60’s Italian cousin to the Tone Bender built under the Vox name. Verità is considerably leaner in the low end than it’s 1.5 Bender cousin, bias is spittier like the Truth Bender with lots of volume. The small changes to the circuit offer a different approach. The tone is more rude and in your face, a smaller sound with a very mid 60’s garage vibe to counter the 70’s rock sounds in OG Truth. Same dynamic response as the others in the Truth family and nice clean up with your guitar volume.

NEW! Circuit 6 - Wahrheit

Based on the Germanium Schaller fuzz units made in West Germany. Lots of thick texture and grit with great guitar volume cleanup and tons of output. Not overly bassy or trebly, sits in the midrange like a 1.5 Bender, but feels thick and textured like the OneKnobFuzz. Uses two NOS Tungsram AC125 Ge transistors. Bias around 10-11 o’clock is “stock” with lots of spitty texture, below and you get even more, or turn the bias up past noon to smooth out the texture to a fat ripping fuzz!

Truth fuzzes are built on a custom PCB with a super clean layout with New Old Stock transistors and components used throughout. 9v isolated power, top jacks, LED indicator and true bypass stitching used on all versions. Parts and enclosure color may vary based on availability.

*PLEASE NOTE: These are built to order, though they should ship within a few days from order date. Thanks for your patience!

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