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RAM is based on the “Ram’s Head” Muff fuzzes of the 70s. The RAM has the quintessential *Big Muff tone with a gently scooped midrange, excellent treble response and a thick yet tight low end. Classic controls for Sustain, Tone and Volume. RAM has a little more gain available but can easily be dialed back for everything between sweet singing sustain to thick gnarly fuzz tones.

Each pedal is built with attention to detail and features all NOS components including:

NOS Siemens BC238 Silicon transistorsNOS Fairchild Silicon diodesNOS ST/CO and Vishay ceramic disc capacitorsNOS Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors

Built on custom Seeker PCB, the RAM also features a thick folded steel replica Muff style enclosure, Davies/Dakaware Bakelite knobs, full sized Alpha pots, true bypass switching with LED indicator and 9v power jack or battery operation.

3 units available to ship immediately, after they have sold I will take PREORDERS for up to 10 units that will ship in the next 3-4 weeks.

*Big Muff is a trademark of the ElectroHarmonix company

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