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Zonk Wedge

Zonk Wedge

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The Z-Machine Wedge is my take on the venerable Zonk Machine fuzzes of the mid 60’s with a couple of my own tweaks.

Here are the specs on this one available now..!

NOS Mullard OC41, Brimar AC113 and Philips OC41 Germanium transistors

NOS Hunts, Philips, Radiospares (RS) and Tropical Fish capacitors

Carbon composition resistors

Blue Hammered Aluminum Zonk Machine Replica Enclosure

Repro V1 Zonk Machine PCB

Cliff UK Knobs and Jacks, Carling footswitch, Shielded wire.

Battery on/off switched “Swell” knob.

Built just like the 60’s V1 Zonk Machine, tuned how I like it! Ripping textures, searing midrange cut, extra sustain and sizzle, and a boosted output.

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