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The Origin Series ZONK is based on the mid-to-late 60’s 3 Germanium transistor Zonk Machine. A close cousin to the MKI, the ZONK is the lean, aggressive and stringy counterpart to the MKI with a high midrange emphasis and the same ripping attack and crumbling, sizzling decay.

ZONK plays especially well with hot pickups and amps, but is equally at home with single coils for a thinner spitty fuzz with lots of sustain and a gating artifacts. If you find a MKI has a bit too much bloom and sag with your setup, but dig the note attack and textured decay, you’ll love the ZONK. Built on the same point-to-point eyelet/PCB hybrid board as the MKI, the ZONK uses the schematic from the early V1 Germanium Zonk Machine to recreate its classic tones in a small, sleek footprint with modern features like a center negative 9v power jack (w/ internal battery snap), LED indicator and true bypass switching.

NOS capacitors and Germanium transistors are used throughout, specific components are subject to availability, though I am able to make a ripping Zonk with a variety of caps and transistors.

Standard model ships using a matched NOS 2N1303/AC125/MP42 Germanium transistor set, OR upgrade to an all British transistor set (typically Mullard, Brimar, NKT etc…).

Available in Blue Hammer color enclosure.

All preorders of Origin Series pedals will receive 10% off on this first run! Preorders will ship in 4-6 weeks.
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